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Picture of Mark Reuter
Mark Reuter
Feb 23, 2015
Rancho Cordova, CA

Far Westerns results

Far Westerns is over and what a finish it was!  NCCVL had two teams in the finals, and UC Davis beat out Cal Poly to take the crown.  NCCVL as a whole did well with six D1 teams in gold bracket and Cal Poly II representing DII in the gold bracket.  Congratulations also to SF State who won the silver bracket, facing Chico in the finals.  

I hope everyone isn't too tired from the long weekend, as regionals are coming up this weekend.  See you there!

The UC Davis women's volleyball club is hosting their annual Far Westerns tournament this weekend.  Pools were released last night.  Check out all of the action for the tournament on the Far Westerns google doc.  Good luck to everyone attending and I look forward to seeing you there!

Regional tournaments are on their way!  Last weekend's crossover was a fantastic showing with the North and South battling for league standings.  The regional tournament is next weekend (February 28th).  Schedules are posted, emails are sent.  Get ready to claim your spot in your region!  Good luck to all of those attending Far Western's this weekend!

NCCVL women's crossover tournament will be on February 14-15 at UOP in Stockton, CA.  It will be in the Janssen Lagorio Gym on campus.  Both D1 and D2 will playing on both days.  These will be the only time the North plays the South for league matches so expect to see a major shift in league rankings!  I'm looking forward to seeing the full force of NCCVL-W for the first time this season.  Good luck!

The DI/DII Men's League Cross-Over Tournaments will be played at Sonoma State on February 7-8th.  DI will be playing at the Wolf Den and DII will be playing at both the Wolf Den and The Field House.  Both gyms are in the same building next to each other.  The Cross-Over play are matches where the North meets the South for the first and only time that counts toward league before playoffs.  It's also typically the time where top teams and players from the conference emerge and I'm looking forward to my first real glimpse of the strength of the league.