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Nationals is over, and now all team's 2014-2015 season has concluded.  Thirteen of the NCCVL women's teams showed up to Nationals this year, with at least one team in every division.  Congratulations to Cal Poly II, for having a repeat performance and winning the Women's Division III division.  Also a big congratulations to UC Davis for advancing to the semifinals in Women's DI and Sonoma State for advancing to the semifinals in Women's DII.  (See below for all results)

I'd also like to recognize two individual players.  Katie Exum (Cal Poly II) not only was MVP of the NCCVL this year for her…

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Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in this year's Nationals.  Practicing, preparing, fundraising, coordinating to make the trip to Nationals each year is a huge undertaking and often a thankless job. Thank you to all the presidents, coaches and team reps that made this season and this weekend a success.  It was also a lot of fun seeing you guys supporting one another, especially the Humboldt and Cal Poly boys during the Sonoma Finals. 

And congratulations to Sonoma State for an second place finish in Division II, UC Davis (5th) for for making it the furthest in Division I,…

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Joseanna Tse
Mar 31, 2015
San Francisco, CA

2015 Men's League Champs results

Congratulations to Cal Poly I and II for clenching the 2015 League Champs Titles.  See attachment for full results and scores. 

Cal Poly I

Congratulations to Cal Poly I as they are the 2015 NCCVL Men's Division I Champions.  Congratulations to Santa Clara as the 2015 Runners Up.

Cal Poly II

Congratulations to Cal Poly II as they are the 2015 Men's NCCVL Division II champions.  Congratulations to Humboldt State, the 2015 Runner Up.